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LTL's Mobile Tool Truck is on the Move!
November 18, 2015

We are happy to announce an extension of our LTL Utility Supply division - our mobile outfitting rig! Stocked with 100s of great items from quality manufacturers, our mission is to bring the products to your business to provide you with a hands-on experience and the ability to shop from the convenience of your own facility. Our tool truck is stocked with: • Hand tools - cutters, crimpers, strippers, insulating tools, l ...Read More

Is There a Difference Between Testing and Calibration?
October 15, 2015

One of the services we offer at LTL is the testing and calibration of meters and phasing sets. We receive many questions from our customers on whether they need to “test” or “calibrate” their products - or both. We had our in-house Instrumentation Technologist break it down to give you a clear picture of the difference between functional testing versus calibration and what it all means. What is functional testi ...Read More

A Guide to LTL Field Services
September 03, 2015

Fall is the perfect time to perform maintenance and inspection of your transformers, substations and related equipment. That’s why we’ve created A Guide to LTL Field Services to help you prioritize which services you will require and to inform you of the services that we have been specializing in for nearly 60 years. SUBSTATION DESIGN & INSTALLATION Design, specify and build to order, LTL has the in-house exper ...Read More

3 Reasons to Use an Accredited Testing Laboratory
July 27, 2015

...for your high voltage personal protective safety equipment and tools WORKER SAFETY • COMPLIANCE • EFFICIENCY Using equipment that has been tested by an accredited laboratory will help to ensure both worker safety and timely completion of tasks while on the job. An accredited lab will assess the integrity of the equipment per applicable industry standards. Properly maintained equipment lasts longer and is more likely ...Read More

In the Bucket: Arc Rated vs. FR and Everything Arc Flash
May 13, 2015

Q1: What’s the difference between FR and Arc Rated clothing? A: All Arc Rated fabrics are FR, but not all FR fabrics have been Arc Rated - arc rating measures the insulation of FR fabrics to arc flash.* *Source: Q2: How do I clean my arc flash equipment and how often? A: Your arc flash equipment should be cleaned by a professional arc flash cleaning service. D ...Read More

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