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6 Benefits of Using Temporary Access Mats to Protect Your Work Area and Equipment
April 05, 2016

Spring has arrived, and with it comes soft ground and wet working conditions. This makes it difficult for trucks to move around without affecting the surrounding ground/work area. The use of ground protection or temporary access mats are an effective method for minimizing damage to the environment, while protecting your equipment. There are several types of ground protection mats ― from wood to polyethylene. In today’s post, we& ...Read More

Electrical Safety - Tools of the Trade
March 14, 2016

When working in close proximity to exposed energized equipment or working on live electrical circuits, it’s necessary to protect not only the equipment being worked on but also the worker. Rubber insulating gloves and insulated hand tools are vital components of a successful PPE system and should be used in conjunction with each other to provide the maximum protection for the worker. It’s common to perform a task on de-energ ...Read More

Stay Safe With High Visibility Clothing That Meets CSA Standards
March 02, 2016

With spring around the corner, more and more workers will be out on the road and visibility becomes a major factor in ensuring worker safety. The CSA Standard Z96-09 (R2014) "High-Visibility Safety Apparel" defines the standards of high-visibility safety clothing for Canadian workers; we highlight some of these steps below. The 3 Classes of CSA The CSA lists three classes of garments based on body coverage provided. Eac ...Read More

Show Your Tools Some TLC and Save Money
February 11, 2016

What is factory-authorized tool repair? Factory-authorized means that the technician repairing your tool has been trained and certified by the specific tool manufacturer to perform repairs. The technician goes through a rigorous training process and understands all parts, mechanics and inner workings of each tool. Money-saving benefits of factory-authorized tool repair 1) Proper diagnosis and accurate repair: Technicians underst ...Read More

Get a Grip on Winter
December 08, 2015

We've rounded up some of our most popular winter items to help you manage another cold winter. Here's our extensive line of gloves and liners. Click on the images below for more details on each item. SUPERIOR 365DLX Winter Work Gloves SUPERIOR 1HFL One Finger Heather Winter Glove Liner ...Read More

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