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LTL’s CSA Z462 Compliant Arc Flash Safety Program
November 22, 2016

LTL’s Arc Flash Safety program is a turnkey approach to help minimize the risk of injury to those who work on or live near electrical apparatus. LTL's Arc Flash Safety Program includes an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis performed by LTL’s Engineering group, supply of arc flash protective equipment, and training. LTL’s Arc Flash Hazard Analysis includes: site assessment and data collection; short circuit and protective de ...Read More

3 Reasons to Use an Accredited Laboratory
November 01, 2016

..for your high voltage personal protective safety equipment and tools WORKER SAFETY • COMPLIANCE • EFFICIENCY Using equipment that has been tested by an accredited laboratory will help to ensure both worker safety and timely completion of tasks while on the job. An accredited lab will assess the integrity of the equipment per applicable industry standards. Properly maintained equipment lasts longer and is more likely to p ...Read More

Proper Packing & Shipping of Rubber Goods & Equipment
June 27, 2016

Each year, we test thousands of rubber goods in our Toronto NAIL-Accredited high voltage testing laboratory and we have received a lot of incorrectly packaged items. Why is this important? Because the improper packaging of these items may cause a test failure and can damage the integrity of the gloves, sleeves or other rubber equipment. Below, we show you the Dos and Don'ts of how to properly package your equipment to ensure that w ...Read More

5 Summer Essentials While on the Job
May 25, 2016

1) Uvex Pheos Protective Tinted Glasses Protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays while you work! 2) Croc Bloc Sunscreen & Insect Repellent Packets Easy to carry and use on the go, these packets are a convenient way to get your sunscreen protection and insect repellent while in the field. 3) Summer Leather Work Gloves It’s summer so you don’t need insulation from the cold, just a great pair of ...Read More

4 Steps to Care for Your Insulating Rubber Gloves
May 05, 2016

Did you know that when there is damage to your electrical rubber gloves, the integrity of your gloves are compromised? This means that they are no longer safe to wear. As Canada’s largest supplier of insulating rubber gloves and PPE, one question we are frequently asked is about the proper storage and care of rubber gloves. That’s why we’ve created these four simple steps to help you prolong the life of your gloves and ...Read More

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