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The PowerBack ― 9 reasons why it is the preferred temporary power restoration device
April 10, 2017

Whether it’s residential or commercial, power outages can be frustrating for the customer as well as the utility company working to fix the issue. While the goal is to return power quickly and efficiently, finding the problem may take some time. A power restoration device is beneficial as it temporarily returns power, minimizing the impact to the customer, while providing you with the opportunity to find a permanent solution. ...Read More

7 benefits for using ground protection mats
February 28, 2017

Ground protection mats provide an ideal solution for protecting both the landscape as well as equipment when using heavy equipment on soft grounds. The right ground protection mat can perform various important tasks that include creating temporary walkways for pedestrians, preventing utility vehicles from getting stuck in mud, as well as protecting turf from any vehicle damage. While various types of ground protection mats are available ...Read More

In the Bucket: What you need to know to extend the life of your Transformer
January 16, 2017

1. Why is it important to maintain your Transformer? a) Improve reliability – Maintenance ensures the unit is operating as designed to provide safe and reliable service as well as reduced utility impacts. b) Extend life of an expensive asset – Correctly sized and maintained, the Transformer can last 40 years or more. As well, there is significant cost associated with the replacement of the Transformer in unplanned downti ...Read More

Ring in a safe & worry-free new year with the right safety training
December 13, 2016

Lineman’s Testing Laboratories strives to create safer work environments for both electrical and non-electrical workers. In addition to supplying and servicing all your personal protective equipment and related tools, LTL offers specialized training. Available both online and in-class, training for the electrical worker is aimed not only at the electrical technician, but at employers and/or supervisors as well. ONLINE TRAINING ...Read More

In the Bucket: What you need to know about maintaining your substation
November 30, 2016

Q1: How often should substation maintenance be performed? A: LTL recommends annual maintenance for all electrical substations to ensure optimum efficiency and minimal downtime. Q2: Why is early detection of electrical equipment weakness important? A: Early detection of electrical equipment weakness is beneficial for many reasons. It helps keep operational and associated costs to a minimum, extends the life of an electrical syst ...Read More

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