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Engineering Services

Lineman's Testing Laboratories' professional engineering group works closely with our clients from start-to-finish ensuring all projects meet client requirements and are completed on-time and within budget. We are different from other electrical engineering companies. To avoid project delays, we inventory a wide selection of surplus, new and used transformers, switchgear, fuses, lightning arrestors, insulators, towers, poles and other related equipment for sale; all equipment is available for immediate delivery. LTL's extensive inventory allows for quick repairs when required, and our generator rentals offer temporary power solutions for unplanned power outages, as well as emergency call-outs. LTL Engineering Services consider all municipal and provincial authority regulations and standards when preparing the design model. LTL offers high and low voltage electrical services including:

  • Electrical power system specification/substation engineering/design engineered models appropriate for customer needs and utility system reliability.
  • High voltage and/or low voltage engineered plan submissions to electrical utilities and Electrical Safety Authorities (ESA).
  • Short circuit current analysis and co-ordination studies engineered to achieve the utmost equipment protection while allowing the system to operate safely under normal conditions.
  • Arc Flash Studies engineered in accordance to CSA Z462. LTL's Arc Flash Hazard Analysis includes: site assessment and data collection; short circuit and protective device coordination studies; labeling; easy-to-read detailed arc flash analysis reports; and, arc flash protective equipment supply and training.
  • Substation ground grid studies and testing with consideration of soil conditions and ground potential rise to minimize step and touch potential hazards meeting and complying with system/ESA requirements.
  • Electrical/electronic testing of high/low voltage substation components to determine reliability.
  • Power factor correction analysis engineered to recommend most suitable Power Factor Correction Unit (PFCU) to achieve respective target values at cost-effective pricing and optimize amortization of costs over the shortest practical duration.
  • Power quality studies and engineering review to determine trends and cycles for harmful system anomalies / disturbances and provide recommendations to reduce impacts of "dirty" power.
  • Electrical/electronic testing of circuit breakers ensures protective devices are set and operating at desired levels to enable coordination of system protection.
  • Underground cable locating
  • Transformer/substation commissioning
  • All other relevant substation testing and engineering services

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Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Lineman's Testing Laboratories' turnkey Arc Flash Safety Program: in-house electrical engineers and technicians; Canada's largest inventory of personal protective equipment and utility tools; LTL Utility Supply store stocked with thousands of industry-related products; classroom and bilingual online arc flash training.

Protecting electrical workers since 1958, Lineman's Testing Laboratories is your single source for Arc Flash safety. Our complete Arc Flash Safety Program includes a CSA Z462-compliant Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, labeling of all applicable electrical equipment, supply of all required personal protective equipment (PPE), and the option for classroom or bilingual online electrical training.

The CSA Z462 states that an arc flash analysis shall determine the arc flash protection boundary and the personal protective equipment that personnel within the arc flash boundary shall use. The Canadian Electrical Code mandates that electrical equipment shall be field-marked to warn persons of potential electrical shock and arc flash hazards. Lineman's Testing Laboratories' comprehensive arc flash studies determine potential arc flash incident energies and boundaries, shock hazard boundaries and proper personal protective equipment required for energized electrical equipment tasks for the system studied. Performed by qualified engineers and technicians, LTL's arc flash analysis includes:

  • Complete engineering services
  • Site assessment and data collection
  • Short circuit and protective device coordination studies
  • Labeling - warning labels identifying potential hazards and required safety equipment are affixed to all applicable electrical equipment
  • Easy-to-read detailed arc flash analysis reports
  • Supply of personal protective equipment for arc flash protection
  • Training - It is imperative that workers understand how and why the required PPE will help them as well as how to properly care for and inspect this equipment to comply with legislation.

Lineman's Testing Laboratories offers both classroom Arc Flash awareness as well as bilingual online electrical training.

LTL's on-site Arc Flash awareness presentation addresses current industry standards (OHSA, CSA Z462, NFPA 70E, ASTM) and codes, as well as compliance, proper selection, care and use of proper PPE for your application.

Two program options are available with our interactive online bilingual Electrical Safety Training System (ESTS). The electrical worker course is specifically designed for the worker performing tasks within the arc flash boundary, utilizing electrical equipment, and desiring a higher level of training that is directly related to the worker's daily tasks. The non-electrical worker course is specifically designed for the individual who is exposed to, and wishes to identify, potential hazards but is not working directly on electrical apparatus.

ESTS focuses on workplace electrical safety and the application of industry accepted best practice consensus based standards to effectively manage the electrical hazards of arc flash and shock. The program applies content from the CSA Z462 Workplace Electrical Safety Standard to allow you to identify and quantify shock and arc flash hazards, while providing guidance on applying a Plan, Do, Check, Act philosophy when you have to work with energized electrical equipment. This is by far the best online electrical training available today. GO TO ONLINE ELECTRICAL TRAINING

Safety strategies and proper training can minimize the likelihood of injuries and fatalities. LTL determines the risk levels in your facility, educates your staff with respect to proper personal protective equipment selection, use and storage, and provides quality products designed to match the physical demands of your workers' jobs while ensuring their safety.


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